"...I was in a very bad place until I startded seeing Kari 6 months ago.  I was actually forced to see Kari by my State Probation Officer whom both at first I dreaded knowing, and now I absolutely adore both women and hold them in the highest regard. 

 This is just a glimpse of Kari's mehods of changing one's behaviour from negative to positive is amazing.  I am also a very stubborn person I might add.  

All I do know is she has never failed me once. She makes sure when I leave our session I am handling these unfortuneate events way better and healing from the past ones faster.  I am committed to her therapy with or without the instruction of my probation.  She has somehow become my innervoice with nothing but healthy words. Kudos Kari!"

" When I first came to Kari I was "just surviving life".  Now I am delighting in it as she taught me new tools to practice healthy, holy habits for every day life. I am so grateful."

"When I first met Kari , life was a daily struggle and I was stressed about my future.  My anxiety level was high and worry overwhelmed me.  During my counseling sessions, Kari listened to me, encouraged me, and genuinely cared for my well being.  Life soon began to take on a new meaning, even a sense of adventure!  I learned what it meant to be a Highly Sensistive Person (HSP) and how to embrace it.  I began sessions of EMDR and the results helped me to begin the process of restoration in my life.  Now I wake up almost every day with nenewed strenghth and look forward to God's blessings for me.  My confidence in myself and my trust in the Lord is growing one day, and one decision at a time.  Thank you Breaking Free Christian Counseling."

“You have given us the bicycle and taught us how to ride. It is up to us to pedal”

 “It was nice to be able connect with others in a supportive group. Knowing that I was not alone gave me hope for a more fulfilling life.”       

  “I have been attending DBT group for the last six months and I can honestly say that it has changed my life. I have suffered from anxiety and depression for much of my life and this is the first time that I feel that I am actually living the abundant life that God intended. The group has taught me to challenge negative thoughts, stay in the moment, and stop living my life as a victim. I have met people that I can relate to and that challenge me to challenge myself! I always leave group feeling uplifted and empowered.”