About The Therapist

Kari Froelicher, MA, LPC


Mission Statement :  My mission is to help families, couples  and individuals find healthy solutions  for problems in living and to gain back  the freedom to become the persons God  created them to be.

I am a licensed, masters level psychotherapist skilled in using a variety of techniques from a wide base of theories such as:  Cognitive Behavioral therapy, Rational Emotive  therapy, Existential therapies, Solution-Focused Brief therapy, Dialectical Behavioral therapy,  Psychodynamic therapy, Affirmation Therapy and Gestalt.  I have effectively used experiential techniques such as: Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, guided  imagery, psychodrama, role playing, empty chair, art and EMDR.  

I bring my effective communication and problem solving skills to individuals, groups, couples, families and organizations.

I have specialized in working with eating disorders, addictions, depression,  bipolar disorder, anxiety, Borderline personality disorder, crisis pregnancy, post abortion, trauma and the Highly Sensitive Person.  

I have also taught classes on spiritual growth, Dialectical Behavioral therapy skills training, and a  variety of workshops focusing on issues such as:  healthy boundaries, healthy vs. unhealthy relationships,  self-esteem, communication skills, anger management, anxiety/stress management, defense mechanisms,  shame and guilt, suffering, grief and loss, changing negative thought patterns, and dealing with emotions. mental health