Individual Counseling: Individual sessions are to
address issues where the family does not need to
be involved.  They are usually scheduled once a
week, but can be scheduled more frequently if
there is an urgent need.  Sessions are one clinical
hour, but may be scheduled for 1.5 to 2 hours
depending on need and availability.

Couples Counseling: Couples sessions are for
couples (married or pre-marital) who are in
conflict, who wish to improve an already good
relationship, or to assess for marriage
preparedness.  I use the Prepare/Enrich Program
and you must commit to at least 10 sessions to
complete the program.

Family Counseling: Family involvement is
required when adolescents are being seen
individually and may be recommended for others
who issues are related to their family and the family
is local to participate or can participate through
phone sessions.

Workshops: These are one day sessions on a
variety of topics such as:  Communication Skills,
Stress Management, Changing Negative Thought
Patterns, Dealing with Emotions, Co-dependency
and Healthy Boundaries.

Classes: Classes are once a week for 5-8 weeks.  
Classes are a more in depth study of the same areas
as the workshops.  Examples of a class are for
Parenting.  Fees are due for the entire course at the
time of registration and there is no refund for missed

DBT Skills Group:  DBT is short for Dialectical
Behavioral Therapy.  This is a form of Cognitive
Behavioral Therapy (CBT).  DBT and CBT have
been studied the most of any form of therapy
confirming their effectiveness in dealing with a wide
range of problems such as:  depression, anxiety,
relationship problems, borderline personality
disorder, bipolar disorder, attention deficit disorder
and more.  DBT skills deal specifically with stress
management, improving relationships, communication
skills, crisis management, learning to deal with our
emotions and building a positive life.

Group Counseling: Groups are once a week and
are usally 2 hours in length.  They can be attended
with or with out individual sessions.  Groups are
limited to 6-8 participants.  Groups are held on a
variety of topics.
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